Pre-GCSE preparation

Small, friendly groups with lots of support and social time

We help your child get ready to start their GCSEs

Not quite ready for GCSEs? Our prep classes will help your child feel confident. We’ve put together two days that will allow them to cover everything on each of the key stage 3 syllabus’. Together we will work through these systematically, to make sure that they feel totally happy with all of the topics before progressing onto their GCSE’s.

We have small, friendly, live classes where the students get lots of attention from their teachers and get to make friendships with their colleagues. We have a maximum of 14 students in a class.  

Student wellbeing is looked after with regular check-ins & daily yoga and meditation sessions.

The students benefit from being in a warm, family-like setting where their thoughts and feelings count, rather than learning through pre-recorded classes or in large, impersonal groups.

Pre-GCSE Timetable

Meet our teachers

Former Marine Biologist,  Jo brings Science to life with hand-on experiments and lots of fun. 

Sarah has a PhD in English Literature from St Andrews and has home-educated her 2 children.

Hannah has an MA in English Literature and a great passion for the English Language, books and poetry. 

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