student- proposed clubs

Our clubs are all proposed by the students and run democratically

Gaming Club

Organised by the students at random times each week

Gaming Club

A friendly, student-led environment where students self-organise to play together.

Spanish Club

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm

Spanish Club

Join the Spanish Club on Tuesdays with Verity to practice and learn Spanish! Explore new vocabulary and discover the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries through songs, games, and crafts.

Open Workshops

Mondays 5-6pm

Open Workshops

These are free of charge and are often student-led. Past Workshops include: Book Club, Minecraft Building Challenge, Creative Club, Sewing a Plushy.

Homework Club

Thursdays 9-10am

Homework Club

All of our homework is optional. Students choose if they want to do it or not and whether to hand it in. Homework Club is a free-of-charge space for students to work together or individually. Our teacher Kate is there to give a helping hand when needed.

What club do you propose?

Our clubs are all proposed by our students. What would you like to create?

What club would you like to see here?

If you have an idea for a club, you can propose it in the democratic meeting. So long as we have five students interested, we will run the club!
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Create Your Club

Our learning community is run democratically by the students and teachers together. So, anyone can propose an activity that can take place outside of the timetable. Some ideas we have brewing at the moment are:

  • Book Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Coding Club
  • What would you like to see? 

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