Our GCSE fees

Plenty! When a student joins our community they get much more than just the classes that they sign up for. We include:

  • Weekly study groups.
  • Our weekly democratic meeting.
  • Regular families circles.
  • Regular 1-to-1 mentoring.
  • Termly individual parent/teacher/student meetings.
  • Supportive teachers.
  • End of term written reports.

Our fees don’t include:

  • Student textbooks.
  • Exam fees paid directly to your local exam centre.

Our fees are paid monthly for 10 months of the year (no fees in July and August). We ask for a deposit equivalent to 8 weeks of fees. This can be paid in 3 monthly instalments.  Fees will remain the same for the full 2 year duration of the course. 

admission fees


There is a £50 fee to cover the interview costs. This is refunded when your child joins the community after the try-out period.  


We ask for a returnable deposit payable on admission. The deposit can be paid in monthly instalments over 3 months. This is held by us and returned once the child leaves the community. The deposit is 8 weeks of fees (see above table for details). Deposits are payable after acceptance through an interview thus guaranteeing a place. If the try-out does not result in the student joining our community, the deposit is returned. 


8-school-weeks notice is required to withdraw your child (see terms and conditions). If a child is withdrawn without notice, The Learning Circle reserves the right to keep the deposit.

Withdrawal before starting

If you have reserved a place for your child in advance and your child has completed their try-out, but then you decide to withdraw, we will need you to let us know 6 weeks in advance of the planned start date. If not we reserve the right to keep the deposit for expenses incurred.

Try-out days

Students can try-out the learning community  before deciding whether they want to join our community. There is a minimum of two weeks of try out days and a max of four.

Taking a break

If students take a holiday during term time, we continue to charge fees. For long breaks, we need 8 weeks notice. In this case, we cannot guarantee the student’s place when they return. 

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