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Small, friendly groups with lots of support and social time

Why do GCSEs with us?

International GCSEs are recognised all around the world and by top universities and employers.


We have small, friendly, live classes where the students get lots of attention from their teachers and get to make friendships with their colleagues. We have a maximum of 14 students in a class.  

Student wellbeing is looked after with regular check-ins & daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Students can join study groups where they work together with their friends and get help from teachers. This engages and motivates them more with their learning.

The students benefit from being in a warm, family-like setting where their thoughts and feelings count, rather than learning through pre-recorded classes or in large, impersonal groups.

Our 1st year GCSE Timetable

This is for students who will take their exams in the summer of 2026.

Our 2nd year GCSE Timetable

This is for students who will take their exams in the summer of 2025.

We’re offering a 20% discount on fees for students who join this group during September/October 2024. 

timetable igcses

Life Skills; a combination of humanities, critical thinking and philosophy.

Our students asked for a space where they can continue with their creative, collaborative learning alongside the new GCSEs. Students are empowered to choose which subjects/topics they’d like to learn about and the classes are then created by Lindsay. It’s a double class that lasts the whole of Thursday mornings and it will evolve with the students… 

Find an exam centre near to you

Edexcel IGCSEs in the UK (the exam board is Pearsons) 

Edexcel IGCSEs outside of the UK 

Cambridge IGCSES


If you are having difficulty finding an exam centre near to you, let us know and we will help. 


Meet our teachers

Hannah has an MA in English Literature and a great passion for the English Language, books and poetry. 

Lindsay is a Drama and English teacher as well as being a doula and running a ‘Mindful Mamas’ programme to help with early parenthood. 

Aaron has a Masters degree in Aerospace dynamics and organises stargazing/astronomy events for families in his local area.

Former Marine Biologist,  Jo brings Science to life with hand-on experiments and lots of fun. 

mathematics igsce

English language IGCSE

study group

Each learning group has regular weekly study groups. These are a space for: 

  • Being together with your friends.
  • Doing homework together.
  • Helping each other when you get stuck.
  • Sharing ideas.
  • Doing projects together. 

The study groups are self-managed by the students. The students decide together on the rules for the study groups.


The Learning Circle can support you in finding a local exam centre. It is then down to the individual to register with the centre of choice and pay the exam fees to the centre directly. As each exam centre sets their own fees we cannot provide accurate pricing.

We recommend student textbooks, which are purchased by the learner.

Physical, medical or learning support needs may be eligible for access arrangements during exams.

These can include:

  • Extra time of 25%*
  • Extra time up to 50%*
  • A reader*
  • A scribe*
  • Supervised rest breaks
  • Separate room
  • Use of a laptop
  • Enlarged print exam papers

*These arrangements must be approved by the exam board. The learner will need to undertake learning assessments with an Educational Psychologist or specialist assessor in order to complete the application form. These assessments can take up to 18 months to process.

The deadline for application to the exam board is the February of the year that the learner sits exams.

What are IGCSEs?

IGCSEs were introduced in 1988 and are internationally recognised qualifications. Candidates can sit IGCSE examinations all over the world. Offering over 70 subjects, IGCSEs are taken in over 120 countries. IGCSEs do not include coursework. Similar to GCSEs, they are perceived by some as academically more rigorous, and for this reason have recently been adopted by over 300 independent schools in the UK. IGCSEs are widely accepted by universities and colleges as part of their entry requirements.

IGCSE qualifications are ideal for those wanting to study for national qualifications online. Without all the administrative problems that encumber GCSE coursework, IGCSEs offer a practical way forward for those studying at home as assessment is by written exam at test centres world-wide. If you need qualifications to go to college or university, apply for a professional or vocational course, or need, for example, Maths or English GCSE or IGCSE to apply for a job, then IGCSEs will help you achieve your goal.

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