Awesome home-ed resources

Our families have tons of experience of learning at home. We asked them to share their favourite resources here.

Looking for a bit of everything?


Twinkl is made by teachers for teachers and has an almost endless array of resources. They offer some free access but you need to sign up if you want access to everything. 

They have worksheets, flashcards, customisable power points, assessment sheets, national curriculum resources and more.
We have loads of resources but for ease of use I’d recommend Twinkl. It’s cheap too and makes planning easy!
What we have found the best all round value for money is a Twinkl sub (with home ed discount it’s £70 for everything). The ‘plan-it’ section alone is worth the money to me.
For maths I like conquer maths (£60 a year with home-ed discount), it’s a bit dry but comprehensive and easy to work through.


For children beginning their maths journey, the Life of Fred books are endearing and delightful

Our 11-14yrs students recommend: 


  • Our younger students recommend:
  • A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You by Mike Barfield
For science, mystery science is great as it’s split up into bite size, very hands on (but you have to get the gear together yourself) and easy to work through and is video based which keeps J's attention. Although it’s really only for the younger ones. For older ones Mel chemistry is unbeatable, proper experiments and good online supporting material. We have just got Mel physics, it looks good but not done the kits yet. Chemistry for younger ones; letterbox lab.
My youngest learnt to read with the ‘hooked on phonics’ program which we found more interesting than the English systems.
My son only read graphic novels and comics until he was 9. He then read all three Lord of the Rings books back to back. It was about him being ready and interested enough. I recommend giving children the time and space to find their passions.


Our 11-14yrs children recommend CGP KS3 English.


  • Making toys from recycled materials
  • Royal Opera House, Alice in Wonderland KS2 curriculum
  • The Science Timeline Wallbook, The Big History Timeline Wallbook and The Nature Timeline Wallbook by Christopher Lloyd
  • My favourite books about education at home/alternatively are ‘the brave learner’, ‘the gardener and the carpenter’ and ‘how children learn’. 


Aquila – monthly magazine.
Whizz pop bang – monthly magazine.

subscription boxes

“Kiwi crates (all but geography and baby one) are fabulous and well worth the money!

We also like Scrawlerbox subscription boxes although we wait till the end of the year to pick up on sale boxes at a fraction of the usual cost.”

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