Meaningful Education

Small, welcoming community.
Engaged, online learning.

A friendly, democratic, online learning community for 7 to 16 year olds.

The Learning Circle combines the most valuable parts of school—friends, engaging live classes and mentors—with flexibility and the freedom to choose what you learn, wherever you are in the world. 

Join other families who home-educate, flexi-school, deschool or world-school together in a warm, connected learning community. 

We made a short video to explain how our community works. We hope you like it…

Bright but bored at school? Learn differently? Struggle with the social atmosphere? Hate homework? Want more of a say in your education?


Students make friendships in small interactive classes.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Morning meditation and yoga practices support wellbeing.


Students and teachers decide together which topics to study.


Topic-based approach connects learning with the real world.

Individual Attention

Regular 1-to-1 tutorials with a caring personal mentor.

Experienced teachers

100% face-to-face live classes with engaging educators.

Join us!

Come and join one of our online open days