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IGCSE Taster Classes

Friday 5th May 2023

10am -11.10am IGCSE Maths

11.30am – 12.40pm IGCSE English Language

1pm -2.10pm: IGCSE English Literature

2.30pm-3.40pm IGCSE Environmental Management

4pm-5:10pm IGCSE Spanish

Friday 12th May 2023

10am -11.10am IGCSE Physics

11.30am – 12.40pm IGCSE Chemistry

1pm -2.10pm: IGCSE Biology

2.30pm-3.40pm IGCSE Sociology

4pm-5:10pm IGCSE Computer Science

Each class is 55 minutes long followed by 15 minutes for Q&As.

What are IGCSEs?

IGCSEs were introduced in 1988 and are internationally recognised qualifications. Candidates can sit IGCSE examinations all over the world. Offering over 70 subjects, IGCSEs are taken in over 120 countries. IGCSEs do not include coursework. Similar to GCSEs, they are perceived by some as academically more rigorous, and for this reason have recently been adopted by over 300 independent schools in the UK. IGCSEs are widely accepted by universities and colleges as part of their entry requirements.

IGCSE qualifications are ideal for those wanting to study for national qualifications online. Without all the administrative problems that encumber GCSE coursework, IGCSEs offer a practical way forward for those studying at home as assessment is by written exam at test centres world-wide. If you need qualifications to go to college or university, apply for a professional or vocational course, or need, for example, Maths or English GCSE or IGCSE to apply for a job, then IGCSEs will help you achieve your goal.

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