Meet old friends, make new ones & be together for a week.


La Perche, 6 mins from Eymet, Dordogne, S France. 

It has plenty of space for camping, a pool, a terraced area around the pool, a house where we can use the kitchen, bathrooms and store things.


July 15-19th 2021

Starts 2pm, Thursday, 12th July
Finishes Sunday, 19th July at 1pm with an Auberge Espagnol with parents, so please bring a dish!

Run by children, for children


To create a community for a week run by the children with the support of two adults.
The children run the camp; cooking, cleaning, deciding on the rules for the camp and how to deal with problems when they arise. This is done through the democratic meeting held every day.

Why all this? To empower young people to learn to manage their own groups whether for co-living, study, creative projects, work and at the same time to have lots of fun, making friends and getting to know people by doing meaningful things together in a free, responsible environment.


For children aged 11-16

How many? Up to 16 maximum.


We have organised a couple in advance to the seaside near Bordeaux and to the riverside, others can be organised by the students when all together at the camp.


Please see here for camps we have run in 2018 and 2019

(because of Covid 2020 was cancelled)


The democratic meetings will be conducted in English, but children can speak whatever language they like during the camp.

what to bring?

A tent
A sleeping bag and mat
Your own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.
Swimming costume
Insect repellent
Sun cream
Sun hat

River shoes (optional)


220 euros per person. Includes all food, excursions and activities.
Payment in cash please before the camp starts.


We’re very happy for you to leave them at home!
Children can use the camp phone to phone parents if needed.
If your child does bring their phone they will need to follow the policy as agreed by all in the democratic meeting.



You will need to take out your own insurance if you wish to be insured for the camp. Please send proof.

Payment options

Please pay in cash to Anil Sarna


Payment conditions

The full amount is payable 2 weeks before the camp starts.
If the organisers cancel the camp, all funds whether deposit or full payment, will be returned. 

Book your place

To reserve your place, please download the IDSC SUMMER CAMP FORMS 2021, print them off, fill them in and then scan/take photos and email to 

join us for an open day

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