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"We're going to be friends for the rest of our lives."

Once a year we hold an International Summer Camp for students from democratic schools all around the world. It’s an opportunity to meet-up in person with friends that you have made online, make new friendships, and have a lot of fun. The camps are organised by the students and teachers together. 

We also organise annual day-camps in Yorkshire and other fun meet-ups. 

Morocco 2023

We’re planning to treck across the Sahara desert with a group of Berber nomads. We’ll spend 6 full days in the desert and learn loads about a totally different culture to our own. We’ll visit a nomad school ‘The Ecole Nomade in Boujhab’ and meet the children that go to school there. This is planned for April 2023. 

Summerhill 2022

This year we’ll be meeting up at the Summerhill Festival of Childhood. on Fri 5 Aug – Wed 10 Aug 2022 at Peakhill Farm in Suffolk, England. It’s going to be a huge event in the world of democratic education. Summerhill are celebrating their 100 year anniversary and also the European and World annual democratic education conferences are happening there at the same time

Yorkshire July 2022

Our annual day-camp will run from Monday 18th of July – Friday 22nd of July from 9.30am until 3.00pm. Activities will be a mixture of forest school activities, science and creative arts activities, sports games, long walks (hopefully collecting some bilberries), supervised free play in the woods with the swings, the trampoline, horse riding sessions (optional) and other things the children are interested in/suggest (last year there was a water fight and a few movies in the rain for example).

Angelsey june 2022

We’re meeting on Anglesey (North Wales) for the weekend of the 4/5th June. We’ll be rock-pooling, walking along the beach and spending los of fun family time together.  This is a family-organised trip at no additional cost. 

the Netherlands 2020

Our camp this year was cancelled due to the pandemic. We were planning to hold it at De Ruimte Democratic School in Soest, The Netherlands in August 2020. We’d planned to visit Amsterdam and Utrecht. In 2021 we didn’t plan anything due to covid. 

Barcelona 2019

We spent a week at Ca’l Aulet Education Viva School on the Costa Brava north of Barcelona. We had students from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel and Spain. We enjoyed the beaches, went surfing and spent a day exploring Barcelona. 

yorkshire 2018

A gorgeous week on the Yorkshire moors. We camped in a barn, sang under the stars, visited the historic city of York and had a great time. This year we were joined by students from the Netherlands, UK, USA, Israel and Thailand. 

A maximum of 35 children aged 11-18 who are students of democratic schools or learning communities, plus 4 adults who all have experience of democratic education. 

Students and teachers from The Learning Circle and other democratic schools/settings. 

Together and democratically.

Students bring and share ideas and skills.
We will pre-organise some activities but students will also have plenty of time to just do what comes out of the moment.
We cook together and take care of the building. 
English is the main language, so students need to have a good intermediate level at least.

Communal start of the day at 10am: sharing the plans for the day and discussing practical issues.
If you want to start the day by being mindful, join the yoga and meditation at 9:15 am or go walking in the hills.
Activities organised by the students.
Loads of time to socialise, talk, play games and go on hikes in the woods.
Preparing meals and cleaning up together.

We always organise a few day trips, e.g. to Barcelona, Amsterdam, York. Students are free to roam the city with their peers or explore it with the adults. 

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