live classes

All of our classes are 100% live, and everyone is learning, especially the teachers!

live classrooms

Our teaching is 100% live face-to-face. We believe that students benefit from having a teacher available throughout the learning day.
Our classes are a lively mixture of teaching, discussion, research, thinking, reading, writing, creating, exploring and more. 

At times when students are invited to work independently (write, think, create, discuss or do research) they will always have a teacher available to check in with whenever they need to.


Students are encouraged to have their cameras switched on. This facilitates connection, communication and friendships. We understand this can be challenging for some students and that it may take them some time to work towards this. Our expectation is that, after taking time to settle into the community,  students will be on camera for most of the time. 


To be holistic in the true sense of the word, there needs to be ongoing curriculum-based communication between the teachers. Our teachers meet together to plan the topic-based curriculum, looking to draw from each other to make the learning interconnected and allowing students to see the big picture. Teachers also meet regularly to discuss students’ progress and how we can support each student to get the most from our learning community.

Teachers are trained to develop their collaborative capabilities. Our training sessions begin with ‘watering the plants’, in which we say how much we appreciate each other and name each others positive qualities and actions. We then look to develop compassionate communication, critical thinking and regenerative processes that allow us to feel empowered, respected members of the learning community.

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