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Our next online Open Morning is on

  • Monday 3rd June at 10am (until around 11am) Places are limited so book early. 

Our following Open Mornings will be on:

  • Tuesday 18th June at 10am 
  • Monday 1st July at 10am

You can book in advance using the same form.

All times are UK time (GMT/UTC)

Children Blossom With Us

“People are kind, everything’s democratic, so we have a say, and it’s non-competitive. People help you out when you don’t understand something.”
Emma aged 10
“I was overwhelmed by juggling home-ed and my work. My daughter was bored and not fulfilling her potential. I'm so relieved to see her thriving, happy and engaged with learning.”
Sheri, mum

our school

  • Child-centred online education in a small, friendly community
  • Live, interactive classes
  • Kind, respectful, qualified teachers

Has your child lost their natural love of learning?  Are you too busy to meet all of their needs? Is their current school impersonal and boring? 

In our caring, kind community, children rekindle their love of learning, make friendships and feel good in themselves. Busy parents have more time and less pressure. 

Our youngest group love learning together. Their confidence grows and they thrive academically. They find it easy to make friends with the other children and they blossom in our safe and nurturing environment. 

This group enjoys the buzz of learning with friends in a safe space. Teachers are kind and are there to help. Students are supported to learn at their own pace and naturally grow in self-confidence. 

This group helps students feel confident about starting their GCSEs the following year. Our small, friendly, live classes ensure students get lots of individual attention from their teachers and make friendships easily. 

Our students chose as many or as few IGCSEs as they like. They benefit from being in a warm, family-like setting where their thoughts and feelings count. Our after-school study groups are friendly places where students work together with their friends and get help from teachers.

This is us in the Netherlands!

From theatre trips to rockpooling on Anglesey or trekking in the Sahara desert, we’re always organising in-person meet-ups so that our students can have fun and deepen their friendships.