term dates

Students can join the community at any time. We have new students joining regularly.

*We’re starting our Autumn term a little later this year to allow for teacher training. We’ll usually start at the beginning of September.

Autumn/Winter first half-term: Monday 28/09/20 to Friday 23/10/20.

1 week half-term holiday

Autumn/Winter second half-term: Monday 02/11/20 to Friday 18/12/20.

2 week holiday

Spring first half-term: Monday 04/01/21 to Friday 12/02/21.

1 week half-term holiday

Spring second half-term: Monday 22/02/21 to Friday02/04/21.

2 weeks Spring holiday.

Summer first half-term: Monday 19/04/21 to Friday 28/05/21. (03/05/21 is a bank holiday)

1 week half-term holiday.

Summer second half-term: Monday 07/06/21 to Friday 09/07/21.

our summer camp is usually held in august. Dates TBC...

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