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Teaching as part of a democratic community is incredibly satisfying.

Why work with us?

Rediscover teaching

This is how teaching should be; creative, satisfying, enriching for all. No repetition of boring old material.

Small classes

A maximum of 14 students in each classroom, means that you're able to get to know your students well and have meaningful student/teacher interactions.

No petty rules/paperwork

Seriously, nobody wants that.


Yoga and meditation are embedded into our curriculum so that coming to work feels good. What other workplace pays you to meditate?

Feel free to be yourself

Bring your whole self to the classroom. Your creativity, personality, quirks and foibles are all welcome.

Support & Collaboration

Plenty of training, support and collaborative practices are built into our culture.

We're currently recruiting...

to start in September 2021

KS3 Arts teacher
  • Between 2-4 hours per week, subject to mutual agreement, 36 weeks per year.
  • £22-£30/hr for teaching, £15/hr for meetings




Photography/Film teacher
  • Between 2-4 hours per week, subject to mutual agreement, 36 weeks per year.
  • £22-£30/hr for teaching, £15/hr for meetings




closing date for all applications is Sunday 15th AUGUST 2021

Apply to work with us

Before applying to work with us, we suggest you take a moment to consider our purpose (below) and whether it resonates deeply with you. 

Our purpose is to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of society and the planet. We hope to enable children to: 

  • be active learners
  • have a sense of agency and responsibility.
  • be comfortable in their bodies.
  • be collaborative. 
  • be connected with their inner resources. 
  • be connected with the world and have an understanding of interbeing.

We're moving towards self-management

We believe this is the most fulfilling way for people to work together. It’s a learning process for us and so will take some time.  Self-managed organizations are often referred to as Teal organizations. Self-management comes about through a combination of innovative structures and processes and are described in more detail here, but a few are highlighted here:

autonomous teams

The most common structure of Teal organizations are interdependent networks of small, autonomous teams. These consist primarily of small teams, of people that self-organize and are not under the authority of anyone outside the team.

no bosses or organization charts

There are no fixed hierarchies of authority in Teal organizations. There are no bosses within or outside of the teams. The primacy of the boss-subordinate relationship is replaced with peer-based mutual commitments. Decision rights and power flow to any individual who has the expertise, interest, or willingness to step in and contribute to a situation. Fluid, natural hierarchies replace the fixed power hierarchies of the traditional pyramid – leaving the organization without an organizational chart. 

Distributed Decision Making

Decision-making is highly distributed. Decisions do not need to be validated by the hierarchy nor by consensus of the community. Any person can make any decision after seeking advice from 1) everyone who will be meaningfully affected, and 2) people with expertise in the matter. 

open information flow

Everybody is given access to all information at the same time. 

conflict resolution

Disagreements are resolved among peers using a well defined conflict resolution process. Peers hold each other accountable for their mutual commitments. 

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